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Brief Explanation – Core Distortion

The Core Distortion is an anterior/posterior rotation of the iliums and tipped sacrum producing the lack of weight bearing support for the spine.  The entire structure of the body is affected causing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.  This core distortion is documented in 16 week old fetuses!!  Everyone is born with this!

In the Core Distortion 50% of your muscles are operating at approximately 50% strength and function – proven with functional and applied kinesiology.

Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases of Structural Energetic Therapy® release the core distortion – the cause of 90% of imbalance, dysfunction, and pain.  Once fully released usually in one treatment the core distortion will not return!  the soft tissue restrictions holding the distortion can’t reform the same way again!  The old soft tissue restrictions holding the distortion start unwinding and reforming new balanced supported holding patterns!

Peak Performance is a reality – the athlete’s goal
Longevity is possible
Full potential can be unlocked
Prevent injuries
Maximum rehabilitation from injuries long term
Recovery time is minimized
Extend athletic careers
Maximize stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, energy

Minimize pain and dysfunction long term – don’t “manage” your pain
Minimize bone and joint degeneration
Increase balance and function – prevent injuries
Maximum rehabilitation from injuries long term
Maximize stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, energy
more efficient function of organs and body

This is the “Golden Nugget” that sets this rehabilitative therapy apart from all others.

Achieve life-long structural support changes in the first treatment

Make the most of your only guaranteed visit with each client – the initial visit!

Release the core distortion found in all bodies to initiate the movement of the body into structural support

Achieve long term structural balance previously unattainable

Regain an additional 50% of muscle strength, balance and coordination

Dramatically increase the rehabilitation of at least 90% musculoskeletal problems

Achieve long lasting results from all your work by using Cranial/Structural techniques

Release the structural restrictions of the core distortion before releasing the myofascial holding patterns within the soft tissue of the body.

Soft tissue therapy will support the unwinding process out of the core distortion into balance that is initiated with application of the Cranial/Structural techniques

Cranial/Structural techniques are very different from craniosacral techniques in intent and application.  Craniosacral techniques are applied within the soft tissue restrictions of the normal cranial motion. Cranial/Structural techniques release the soft tissue restrictions of the normal cranial motion resulting in structural changes throughout the body.

The integration of Cranial/Structural techniques with effective deep tissue protocols applied in specific sequences is the most effective form of body restructuring and rehabilitation therapy that a massage therapist can use. This is the basis of Structural Energetic Therapy®, and, in the future, could very well be the basis of most body restructuring.  It accelerates the process of balancing the body 10-fold, and resolves the weight bearing issues between the sacrum and the ilium leading to long-term pain relief and rehabilitation. Using kinesiology for testing, there is a definite increase in strength and function in the whole musculoskeletal system when it is in balance. Imagine the possibilities…!

Within the structure of every body there exists a core distortion pattern (also referred to as a spiral). 95% of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction can be a direct result of this core distortion which forms in the developing fetus and is found in everyone. This core distortion is manifested in an anterior rotation of the left ilium, posterior rotation of the right ilium, stretched ligaments creating a weight bearing separation between the sacrum and iliums at the SI joint resulting in a tipped sacrum – the basis for most scoliosis. All of this is confirmed by kinesiology over 33 years of development. This distortion is also found in the cranium. The whole body is affected from head to toe.

When clients experience musculoskeletal pain, there is an observable increase in the degree of this distortion throughout the body that results in a structural collapse, or a lack of structural support. The pain can either be from the compensation for this increased distortion, or from the strain in the musculature in the distortion. Thus, the key to relieving these painful symptoms is to release the distortion and move the body into balance for structural support.

The challenge is stabilizing the SI joint.  While the client is on the table, the position of the iliums can be shifted with soft tissue releases or wedges, and the feet and legs can be aligned to support the shift. However, as soon as the client becomes weight bearing, the ligaments weakened in the core distortion are not be able to stabilize the SI joint, and the sacrum again slips and tips recreating the structural collapse.

Enter Cranial/Structural! The missing link in stabilizing the pelvis was found in the relationship between the cranial bones, reciprocal tension membrane, dura, and the myofascial planes of the body. Dr. G. Dallas Hancock, DC, discovered the relationship between the torsion in the cranium involving two of the cranial bones (the sphenoid and the occiput) and the sphenobasilar synchondrosis (SBS) which is the joint where they meet, and the torsion of the pelvis. He noted that the rotation of the iliums and tippage of the sacrum were reflected in the rotation of the wings of the sphenoid and the tippage of the occiput. This opened the door for the development and expansion of the Cranial/Structural techniques by Don McCann that are used today. The most exciting aspect of this is, once the soft tissue restrictions holding the distortion in the cranium are released allowing the torsion of the pelvis to also release, this distortion will not return either in the cranium or the body structure. The holding patterns within the soft tissue then need to be released before maximum rehabilitation can be achieved, but the core distortion will not return.

The Cranial/Structural Techniques include releasing the cranial and structural restrictions of the core distortion plus the cranial and structural restrictions of each of the sub-patterns that can emerge as the body unwinds out of the core distortion. Prior to the application of the Cranial/Structural techniques, long-term correction of the distortion in the pelvis was not able to be achieved. However, as soon as the Cranial/Structural techniques are applied, clients show dramatic changes immediately. Don also developed specific soft tissue protocols to release the soft tissue restrictions and holding patterns of the core distortion and sub-patterns. The sequence of applying Cranial/Structural techniques prior to the soft tissue work in each session releases the structural distortion from the structure which then allows the soft tissue to release with much less resistance when the soft tissue protocols are applied. It is this integration of Cranial/Structural techniques with these specific soft tissue protocols that is the basis of Structural Energetic Therapy®, and this integration is what sets Structural Energetic Therapy® apart from all other modalities.

Another benefit of the Cranial/Structural Releases is that the torsion found in the cranium is also the principle cause of problems like TMJ.  When the torsion is taken out of the cranium the distortion of the temporal mandibular joint is also released.  Most clients who suffer from TMJ symptoms have an immediate improvement, and often become pain free long term before any specific soft tissue TMJ techniques are applied.

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